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Our Story

Did you know that around 1.04 million people aged 15 to 64 just in England alone have learning disabilities or associated conditions?

This group experience disproportionate levels of inequality, and their quality-of-life outcomes are lower than it is reasonable to expect in the 21st century.

Learning disabilities come in different forms and they are different for everyone. Many people who have a learning disability can work, have relationships, live independently, and even get qualifications. While other people might need more support throughout their life.

So, as our story began in March 2022, our objective is to help adults with learning disabilities and associated conditions throughout the UK, who sometimes struggle to buy everyday items most of us take for granted.

We aim to acquire donations through fundraising events throughout the year to enable us to help with any donation requests we receive.

We are dedicated to enabling and supporting the lives of vulnerable adults with learning disabilities and associated conditions. We will endeavour to do this by raising funds so that these adults can live fulfilling, rewarding, and enriched life.


To see an easier integration into society for people with learning disability and to improve their quality of life.


  • Organise key fundraising events each year.
  • Improve the quality of life of those with learning disabilities.
  • Bring the community together through our projects and events.
  • Enable those with learning disabilities to live the life they want.