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Our Gifts

New Bed

This individual's bed had become worn out from extensive usage, rendering it unusable. Upon seeing this, their care team reached out to the charity for assistance in purchasing a new bed, ensuring the individual can once again enjoy comfortable sleep.

Christmas Decorations

The residents of this supported service were unable to afford a tree and decorations to celebrate Christmas properly. Thankfully, the charity stepped in to provide the funds, ensuring they have a joyful festive period.

Garden Furniture horizontal

Garden Furniture

A community-supported living service had a newly landscaped garden but nowhere to sit and enjoy the space during summer. The Trust was able to purchase two picnic tables to help them enjoy their garden.

Christmas Taxi horizontal

Home for Christmas

We had a request from a person who had not seen his family for Christmas in over two years. The trust was able to support him by providing access to transport to allow him to spend some time with his family during the holidays.

New Clothes

Due to this person's circumstances, they barely receive enough money to look after themselves. With most of their clothes starting to look raggedy, their carers applied for funds to take them on a shopping spree so they can feel good again.


During a daytime shopping trip, this individual was unfortunately robbed, leaving them without funds until their next payment date. Thankfully, the trust was able to provide support by reimbursing some of the lost money.

BBQ Grill

A supported living service catering to clients from low-income backgrounds has requested a barbecue stand, allowing them to savour flame-grilled food during the summer months.

Garden Shed

One assisted living home, has a few avid gardeners, but they lacked a space to store their equipment. So, the Trust stepped in and purchased a new shed for them.

Garden Games

A community-supported living service had a large garden but nothing to do in there for the clients during summer. The Trust purchased a few garden games for the clients to enjoy together. This included a canopy swing, swing ball, tumble tower game and a mixing play tray.

New Clothes

Two clients recently moved into Select Lifestyles' supported living service. Upon arrival, they were in poor condition and lacked clean clothes. The charity promptly provided funds for them to purchase new clothing, aiding in their settling process.